Bev Carb Systems Training 101

Our first of many seminars/events in the new Cyl-Tec Training Center!

Over 20 people traveled across North America to attend the one-day Bev Carb training seminar on Monday, March 9, 2020.

Attendees learned from industry experts about the inner workings of cryogenic tanks, troubleshooting, micro brewery requirements /recommendations, CO2 monitors, N2 generators, and telemetry/remote monitoring systems.

The second half of the day incorporated a tour of Cyl-Tec’s warehouse and production plant, ending up in the Cryogenics Assembly & Repair unit. There, the participants were shown the cryo repair area, as well as given hands-on instruction of how to bench set Bev Carb regulators and how to manifold multiple vessels in a chain.

The day ended with a full demonstration of filling a BC-750 tank with liquid CO2 using Pulsa telemetry. Placing the tank on top of a Pulsa industrial weight scale device, students received statistics on their mobile devices displaying nearly real-time filling weight/poundage as the tank was being filled.

Overall, it was a great day learning from experts about bev carb / cryogenics equipment and developing a stronger network of contacts in the industry.

Thanks to all our facilitators and our attendees for making Bev Carb Systems Training 101 a success! Watch for announcements of more Cyl-Tec training in the future.