About Cyl-Tec

Cyl-Tec, Inc.® has become known as a prominent leader and innovator in the compressed gas industry who understands what matters most to customers: on-time delivery, reliable products, and personal service from people who understand the industry.

This began as a family-owned business as cylinder re-testing in 1991 by the Bennett family and quickly grew into an international supplier of high-quality gas cylinders and cryogenic bulk tanks. As of December 2021, we are a 100% employee-owned company at our 170,000 SF facility headquartered in Aurora, Illinois

Cyl-Tec takes pride in providing a complete range of high-quality steel and aluminum compressed gas cylinders, cryogenic liquid cylinders, vacuum-jacketed TITAN® bulk tanks, Aerosphere CO2 Monitoring solutions, Level-Eye®, valves, and related parts and accessories.

By researching and developing new technologies, we are always looking to provide the absolute highest quality products available for the compressed gas industry. Combined with our reliable expert cryogenic vessel repair facility and cylinder bake-out services. All this together makes Cyl-Tec - "One Resource. Zero Headaches.®


Our Mission

Cyl-Tec’s mission is to serve the needs of the compressed gas industry by providing exceptional value, high-quality products, and expert customer service. Our top priority is providing customers with a one-stop shop for all products and ensuring timely delivery.

Brief History

Founded by the Bennett family in 1991

Expanded facilities in 2000 by purchasing 971 Building Industrial Dr. in Aurora IL

Became a 100% employee-owned company in December 2021


971 Building

Located on North side of W. Industrial Dr., across from the 950 building.


Corporate Office


Quality Control

Training Center


950 Building

Located on South side of W. Industrial Dr., across from the 971 building.


Customer Service

Shipping & Receiving


Cryogenic Repair

Your one resource for .