Valves – Gas Cylinders


Valves for Gas Cylinders

Cyl-Tec offers valves and related accessories for all segments of the compressed gas industry, including industrial gases, acetylene, medical, oxygen, specialty mixtures, and more. We stock domestic and import brands to provide a range of options to choose for any application.

Valves with special features, such as Valve Integrated Pressure Regulators (VIPR) and Residual Pressure Valves (RPV), are also available and have become increasingly popular as they continue to evolve in the market.

Features and Benefits of Cyl-Tec Gas Cylinder Valves

  • We carry premium brands, both domestic and import
  • Available from stock in a variety of inlet, outlet, and PRD configurations
  • Specialty gas valves for ultra-high purity, reactive, and corrosive gases
  • Durable brass and stainless steel construction
  • Meets strict international performance standards
  • Valves are 100% helium leak-tested at the factory
  • Dip tube installation upon request

Valve Styles We Offer

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