Cryogenic Repair Services Form

Cryogenic Repair Services – Pick-Up Procedure

Required Steps (These must be completed prior to a scheduled pick up):

  1. All cylinders must be empty of product before pickup.
  2. Product labels (e.g. Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, etc.) must be removed or covered with paper. (NOTE: if labels are not removed or covered, tanks will ship as “Hazmat” and an additional charge will apply.)
  3. Indicate the number of vessels being sent, and whether they will be strapped on pallets or picked up loose. (NOTE:
  4. Strapped on pallets is preferred. Loose shipments have very limited carrier options which may delay pickup processing.)
  5. Provide each vessel’s details, specifically, (a) the SIZE, e.g. 160L, 180L, 200L, etc., (b) the PRODUCT, e.g. Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, etc.; and (c) the SERIAL NUMBER of each vessel.
  6. Provide detailed instructions of what needs to be done to each vessel. (Option below: Upload a packing list document.)
  7. Personnel must be available onsite at time of pickup.
  8. Freight is prepaid both ways on eight (8) or more cylinders. Verify the information entered below is complete and accurate before submitting, or your scheduled service may be delayed.

Contact our Customer Service Department if you have any questions:

  • Toll Free: 888-429-5832
  • Local & Outside U.S.: 630-844-8800

Cryogenics Repair Services Form