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In stock & ready to ship — high pressure steel, acetylene, aluminum medical, aluminum CO2, and aluminum industrial cylinders for the compressed gas industry.
Titan® product lines in small & large bulk for O2, N2, Ar, and CO2 gases, including our Spartan™ mobile bulk tank for temporary job sites.
Fully assembled, installed, and 100% nitrogen leak-tested cylinder cradles, gas packs, and pallet manifolds. All you have to do is fill them!
Level-Eye® accurately measures and displays liquid level capacities for cryo cylinders. Fill only when you need to — by knowing exactly how much is left in the tank!
Safely monitor carbon dioxide gas levels in enclosed facilities, and detect leaks of higher concentrations using our CO2 gas detection alarm systems.
Parts and accessories in stock: cylinder valves, cryogenic parts, Level-Eye digital gauge, Oxy-Tru medical valve, Acrylex paint, valve guards, caps, and neck rings.


Monitor one or more tanks using CylConnect telemetric devices by transferring data, such as liquid level, weight, or pressure, directly to your SMARTank phone app or desktop computer.
Our high capacity repair facility repairs and refurbishes all major brands and styles of cryogenic vessels to their original factory performance and appearance.
Using a non-destructive, single-pass test to scan the cylinder's outer wall, Cyl-Tec's ultrasonic examination machine detects any internal flaws for a pass or fail status.

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Cyl-Tec’s mission is to serve the needs of the compressed gas industry by providing exceptional value, high quality products, and expert customer service. Our top priority is to provide customers with the one place for all products - and we'll make sure you get it on time.

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Hello, I wanted to send a quick thank you to you and the people at Cyl-Tec. I have been using your company for tune ups on my beverage tanks for a while now and the quality of work is superb. It always makes me smile when I set one of my rebuilt tanks and it shines and operates like new. Please pass on the word about your satisfied customers in Arizona.
Rick V., Phoenix Welding Co.
I recently attended a beverage gas training class at Cyl-Tec industries. The class was very informative, well put together, and presented in a professional yet relaxed way that was easy to take in the information presented. All the people that were involved in the presentation from the president (Tom) on down were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and very engaging with all of us in the class. It was well worth the trip to Cyl-Tec for the class.
Jeff W., Central Welding
Great customer service by folks that are experts in the industry. I've done business with them for 20+ years.
Amy B., City Carbonic

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cyl-Tec sell bulk tanks?

Absolutely! Our Titan® bulk product line offers a wide selection of sizes for small or large bulk applications. Industrial gas models range from 450-liter up to 13,000-gallon capacity, and for CO2, from 300-lb up to a 50-ton capacity. We also offer a portable 800-gallon — Spartan™ mobile small bulk — for construction and temporary job sites.

Can you repair and refurbish old or broken cryogenic vessels?

For sure, we do! Our professional cryogenic repair service facility repairs and refurbishes all major brands and styles of cryogenic tanks to their original factory performance and appearance. Serving U.S., Canada, & Mexico, we have very competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and multiple service options. Use our convenient online cryo repair form to schedule your next pickup.

What exactly is CylConnect, and how do I use it?

CylConnect® Remote Monitoring provides you with daily updates of your tank’s capacity level (transmitting parameters, such as liquid level, pressure, and/or weight) directly to your computer or mobile app. You gain peace of mind as you are able to monitor and track your tank's levels every day. With CylConnect, it's easy to "Talk to Your Tank™!"

I hear you provide fully assembled cradles and pallet manifolds. Is that true?

Yes, it is! Cyl-Tec offers this convenient service in 6, 12, or 16 cylinder configurations. We assemble, install, and 100% nitrogen leak-test cradles, gas packs, and pallet manifolds before being shipped to you — eliminating the need for additional assembly at your fill plant. All you have to do is fill and ship. What could be better than that?