CylConnect® Remote Monitoring Systems

  • Know exactly how much product is left in your tank
  • Reduce your distribution costs up to 50%
  • Monitor high pressure, cryogenic, or bulk tank systems remotely
  • Receive daily alerts via SMARTank mobile app or your CylConnect® online account
  • Track rural areas without the need to visit location until fill time

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CylConnect® Remote Monitoring Systems

Talk to Your Tank® — Get daily updates of your tank’s fill capacity

CylConnect large bulk tank connectionCylConnect® grants you peace of mind knowing exactly how much gas capacity is left in your tank or cylinder — without the need to physically check it until actual fill time.

Our telemetric devices provide daily updates to monitor and evaluate liquid level capacity, weight, or gas pressure parameters for your cryogenic tanks or HP cylinders — in urban as well as rural locations. Easily access all your tanks’ data in your CylConnect® online account or via the SMARTank mobile app (available for Android and Apple).

Benefits of CylConnect®

  • Know exactly how much product is left in your tank on a daily basis
  • Reduce your distribution costs up to 50%
  • Assures constant gas supply
  • Get out-of-stock forecasts ahead of time to avoid facing them
  • Catch leaky tanks before they cause a problem
  • Track rural areas without the need to visit locations until actual fill time

Types of tanks and vessels that can use CylConnect® Remote Monitoring

  • Small and large bulk tanks
  • Carbonation systems
  • Liquid cylinders
  • HP manifolds
  • Switch-overs
  • Plus, many custom solutions

CylConnect devices, sensors, and software

How does CylConnect® work?

All you need is three components: (1) an uplink device, (2) appropriate sensor(s), and (3) the SmarTANK mobile app or computer to access your data!

  1. Install the CylConnect’s uplink device onto your liquid cylinders and/or bulk tanks.
  2. Connect the uplink device to the appropriate gauge (such as, the Level-Eye® liquid level gauge, a pressure gauge, or a differential pressure gauge).
  3. Activate your CylConnect® online account account.
  4. Access your CylConnect® account anytime, or receive daily alerts via the SMARTank mobile app.

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CylConnect® Remote Monitoring – Bulk Tank Installation

Video for Liquid Cylinders:

See also our video “Level-Eye® Installation & Calibration / CylConnect® Remote Monitoring Install for Liquid Cylinders  for installing CylConnect® to your cryogenic liquid dewars.

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