Kirill Zelin - high pressure cylinders

Sales Manager Discovers the Art of Building Gas Cylinders & Cryogenic Vessels

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Kirill Zelin, our sales manager for the Northeast U.S. and Canada, has been seeing his job through new eyes recently. Kirill spent the last two weeks at our production plant in Aurora Illinois shadowing technicians who work in the high pressure cylinder production line and cryogenic vessel facility. Moving from station to station, he was instructed how to operate the …

CylTec Residual Pressure Valves

Valves – The Overlooked Component of a Cylinder

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Making advancements in valve technology with RPVs alves are one of the most purchased components in the gas industry, AND one of the most overlooked. Practically every cylinder or tank comes equipped with some type of valve. Retest facilities stock thousands of valves for quick replacement. And gas distributors store multiple boxes of valves on their shelves for swapping out …

John Bennett, James Murphy, and Thomas Bennett

Welcome, James Murphy, Regional Sales Manager – W/SW

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West & Southwest U.S. & Canada Regional Manager yl-Tec is pleased to announce James (Jim) Murphy has accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager for West/Southwest U.S. & Canada, effective May 18, 2020. He will be working closely with Greg Adamson, our current manager of the region, until Greg’s retirement on August 31, 2020. This position reports directly to Thomas …

Cyl-Tec cylinder cradle assembly

Fully Assembled Cradles & Pallet Manifolds – A New Service at Cyl-Tec

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Fully assembled, installed, and 100% leak-tested e recently introduced a brand new service at Cyl-Tec — fully assembled cradles, gas packs, and pallet manifolds. The “ready-to-fill” installation program is designed to help our customers expedite their operation, eliminating the need for additional assembly and installation at fill plants. The program lets customers choose from popular brand cradles and manifolds in …

BevCarb Training - March 2020

Bev Carb Systems Training 101

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Learning from the Experts ver 20 people traveled across North America to attend the one-day Bev Carb training seminar on Monday, March 9, 2020 in our new Cyl-Tec Training Center. Attendees learned from industry experts about the inner workings of cryogenic tanks, troubleshooting, micro brewery requirements /recommendations, CO2 monitors, N2 generators, and telemetry/remote monitoring systems. The second half of the …

Kirill Zelin Onboarding

Welcome, Kirill Zelin, Regional Sales Manager – NE/Central

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Northeast & Central U.S. & Canada Regional Manager yl-Tec welcomes Kirill Zelin as our new Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast & Central regions of the U.S. effective October 21, 2019. In this role, he will be responsible for selling Cyl-Tec’s full product line as well as our testing, telemetry, and repair services. His main goal is to learn each …